Zotye USA Announces T600 To Be First Vehicle for United States Market

– New T600 Was Introduced by Chinese Automaker Zotye Automobile at Shanghai Motor Show in April this Year
– Compact CUV Expected to Go on Sale in the United States at End of 2020 or Beginning of 2021
-Second CUV and Sedan Also Planned to Follow

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LAKE FOREST, Calif. – May 2, 2019 – Zotye USA’s first vehicle for the U.S. market will be a compact CUV, the T600, Duke Hale, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zotye USA and HAAH Automotive Holdings announced today.

Zotye is anticipated to be the first Chinese automaker to sell vehicles in the United States under its own brand name. The T600 debuted at the Shanghai Motor Show on April 16 this year and is anticipated to go on sale in China next year. The U.S. model is expected to use an inline four-cylinder engine with turbocharging, an engine displacement of 1.6-liters and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Zotye USA is currently planning to bring in at least two additional vehicles, a mid-size CUV and a sedan. Timing for when those vehicles will go on sale has not yet been announced.

“This T600 is a perfect vehicle for the U.S. market and I’m very excited to announce it will be the first Zotye product to go on sale here. The vehicle has excellent quality, outstanding safety features and will be very well equipped with a unique design that will make it popular with American buyers ” said Hale.

Zotye USA’s formation was announced on November 13, 2018 as the exclusive sales and distribution company of Zotye Automobiles for the U.S. market.

“Homologation and certification work on the T600 have been ongoing for some time and are proceeding on schedule. We’re reviewing the optimal timing for putting the vehicle on sale and anticipate sales will begin at the end of 2020 or early in the first quarter of 2021,” said Senior Vice President, Sales, Bob Pradzinski.

Development of the Zotye USA franchised new car dealer network is also proceeding as planned. The company had announced in January that it had signed agreements for 19 new vehicle sales locations. Today, the number of locations stands at 60 and the company anticipates it will have close to 300 locations in the top 100 markets by the time the T600 goes on sale. Total size of the Zotye USA sales network is expected to be about 325 locations.

“We’re actually running slightly ahead of our sign-up plan at the present time,” said Pradzinski. “While there are a lot of opportunities remaining for dealers, the window has already closed in some markets. I’ve been very encouraged by the commitment from dealers to our customer-friendly approach that will feature one-price selling. They are also thrilled with our dealer-friendly focus that emphasizes dealer ROI. Zotye USA has a disruptor mindset and our new transparent shopping, buying and ownership experience will become the best way to meet the needs of new car buyers,” he said.

The first step for any dealer interested in a Zotye USA new car franchise is to complete a non-disclosure agreement and initial application which will result in a contact from a member of the Zotye team. The agreement and application are available at: https://haahauto.com/contactus.html.

Zotye USA is a division of HAAH Automotive Holdings, headquartered in Lake Forest, Calif. Zotye USA is responsible for sales and distribution of products produced by a major Chinese automaker, Zotye Automobile International, which is headquartered in Yongkang, Zhejiang, China.

About Zotye USA

Zotye USA handles all sales, distribution, parts and service for Zotye Automobile Company vehicles in the United States. The vehicles will initially be imported from China where they are currently designed, engineered and produced by one of the country’s major automakers, Zotye Automobile Company. Zotye USA is a subsidiary of HAAH Automotive Holdings

About Zotye Automobile Company

Zotye was formed in China in 1998 and today is a holding company for some 30 different firms with more than 30,000 employees. Its headquarters is in Yongkang, Zhejiang, China. The company has major manufacturing and operations facilities in nine Chinese cities and research, engineering and design operations in four countries.

About HAAH Automotive Holdings

HAAH Automotive Holdings was formed by a group of leading auto industry executives and experts to create a new experience both for customers and its dealer partners. Designed to meet the needs of 21st century car buyers, the company is creating new methods, processes and procedures to increase transparency, clarify pricing, and simplify purchase and vehicle service for the customer. The company is based in Lake Forest, Calif

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